Fundraising, Training, & Strategic Planning

Fundraising Strategy

BGA works with you to develop new strategies for fundraising and to grow your revenue streams through a variety of creative methods. Core to all of our fundraising services is our ability to increase your comfort and confidence as you approach this part of your role. We work to:

  • Craft fundraising strategies that fit your unique assets
  • Sharpen your message
  • Set concrete goals to build long-term sustainability
  • Diversify your funding base
  • Create detailed micro-strategies for major donors, individuals, and high-networth prospects
  • Develop realistic workplans to achieve your goals
  • Conceptualize and develop collateral outreach material
  • Provide guidance on all aspects of fundraising execution including: special events, direct mail, telemarketing, major donor campaigns, foundation outreach, corporate sponsorships, etc.

Fundraising Training

Individuals at every level of your organization can benefit from hands-on training and support to meet the goals you’ve put on paper. Beth Grupp Associates is widely known for leading inspiring, comprehensive trainings that change the way people think about and approach raising money for their cause. Beth is especially committed to helping the progressive community become more comfortable with fundraising skills because she sees how our discomfort with asking for money stands in the way of real social change. Beth works to:

  • Provide a strategic frame and vision for progressives in which fundraising lives comfortably with other goals and values of social change
  • Inspire activists who hate fundraising
  • Increase individual comfort level with the nuts and bolts of good fundraising strategy
  • Provide realistic, concrete tools for success

Strategic Planning & Organizational Development

An essential element of any successful organization is a clear sense of where it is headed. BGA works to help organizations clarify their goals and mission, while ensuring that they have the internal infrastructure to support those goals. Beth Grupp Associates helps organizations expand capacity and integrate sustainable practices holistically. We work to:

  • Make high-level goals manageable by breaking them down into actionable, sequenced steps
  • Define roles and responsibilities for current staff & new key hires
  • Define pathways to keep information moving from person to person efficiently
  • Strengthen team cohesion, communication patterns, and decision-making protocols
  • Provide individual support to expand beyond a given skill set or comfort zone
  • Structure staff roles, job descriptions, and internal systems to maximize impact
  • Develop and strengthen programmatic goals
  • Clarify organizational agendas