Board Development & Meeting Facilitation

Board Development & Training

People serve on boards for all sorts of good reasons, but all too often there is a deep resistance to the work of fundraising and a distaste for the very need for it. BGA helps to tap boards’ latent creativity by aligning fundraising with a larger strategic vision. We:

  • Demystify what fundraising is and what it isn’t
  • Motivate boards as a group and individually around fundraising, making it a creative and exciting part of their role
  • Help boards to function more effectively as governing bodies and fundraising leaders
  • Inspire stagnant cultures and systems through dynamic group strategy sessions
  • Manage interpersonal challenges within a Board or between Board members and staff
  • Move boards to decision-making around fundraising

Meeting Facilitation

Highly praised for her facilitation skills, Beth Grupp digs in to craft agendas that moves beyond notetaking and assignments toward decision-making, clear action items, and a healthy dose of rejuvenation for your cause. Beth works to:

  • Move stuck teams toward action
  • Create a thoughtful agenda that has concrete goals and outcomes at every stage
  • Establish clear decision-making points and provide tools for making those decisions
  • Foster reality checks about what participants think should be done versus what participants actually will do
  • Coach key staff members to plan and lead high-impact meetings on their own