We are proud and humbled by the completely unsolicited comments we get from our clients. Here is a sampling:

You are both gifted at moving people through intimidating terrain, and asking the right questions. You pushed things to the next level! Thank you for bringing your expertise, energy and enthusiasm to us.

Beth Grupp“Your rare combination of expertise and cheerleading is a constant inspiration, not to mention your insistence on a “hard count” over soft expectations. You are exceptionally good at what you do, and an extraordinary partner.

“She is so freaking amazing!!! Beth’s presentation totally re-energized me and my fundraising drive.

“I know the [participants] in this program feel incredible lucky to be working with each other and especially Beth Grupp — she is nothing short of amazing…in 3 short days we have created a plan that we can start enacting immediately.

“I think every [board member] in that room found the session valuable and walked away inspired and with a some great food for thought on building a more strategic fundraising program, as well as some good tactical ideas for immediate action. I know I did. I think we could easily have spent an entire session on each of those agenda items, and you did a terrific job of keeping everyone focused and engaged.

“You are a fantastic presenter! The passion you have for fundraising really shines through when you are training. At the end when everyone was sharing the one thing they learned and intend to put into practice at their own nonprofits, I deliberately remained silent because there I could not have picked just one thing.

Beth Grupp“Two years ago, we had no annual fundraising event, no development plan, a Board that never met, little local visibility and an Executive Director who spent only a small percentage of his time on fundraising. Thanks in large part to our consultant Beth Grupp as well as mentoring and coaching for individual staff, June’s annual dinner raised $250K, there are development and communications plans in place, there is a new marketing brochure, a re-energized Board with five new members meeting quarterly, and while our ED doesn’t love fundraising, he knows what do to and he does it.